Innovative design integrated with state of the art lubrication.

Single Tube Shower Pipe Advantages

  • All AISI 316 Pipe
  • Wide Range of Needle/Fan Jet Nozzle
  • Nozzle Pitch as per customer requirements

Manual Brush Cleaning Shower Pipe

  • Enables use of white water.
  • To and fro brush system
  • Stainless steel brush for e ective cleaning and long life.
  • Flushing system

Double Tube Shower Pipe

When white water is in use and conservation of water is critical, Masturlal Double tube to & Fro brush is essen- tial to ensure trouble free operation.

Effective Manual Shower Cleaning

  • Removal of contaminants from nozzles and showers easily
  • Only have to rotate 360°
  • Loosened contaminant is disposed of easily, withoutcontaminating product or paper machine
  • Return the brush to ‘park’ postion


  • Strong damage resistant design
  • In twin tube systems nozzles cannot fall into machine
  • Wear resistant polymer internal bearings - easily replaced if required
  • Flow pipe can be safely removed when machine is running, without removing the outer tube or brackets in twin tube design
  • Positive brush “park” position ensures brushes do not interrupt ow
  • Easily installed with any type of oscillator
  • High and low pressure design with jet nozzles and fan nozzles available in wide range
  • Easily replaceable brush segments
  • Superior full width, brush design available on request
  • Provides positive cleaning of nozzle

Applications Bene ts

  • Forming, pressing and dryer fabric cleaning
  • Extractor belt cleaning
  • Paper machine roll cleaning and lubricating
  • Filter press belt cleaning 
  • Replace existing fresh water showers


  • Permits reuse of process water
  • Minimal maintenance and reduced downtime
  • Reduces mill e uent
  • Improved fabric, felt, roll and dryer fabric performance • Improved product quality
  • Twin tube system prevents sagging of shower pipe, for m/c over 4 mts width

Nozzle Flow ratesFan and Straight Jet, 0°, 15°, 30°, 50°, 65°, 80°, 90°, 110° and 120° Spray Angles 1/8” to 2” Pipe Sizes


Litres per minute @ bar

Equivalent Ori ce Dia(mm)

0.5 bar

0.7 bar

1 bar

2 bar

3 bar

5 bar

10 bar

30 bar