TISSUE MACHINE, fourdrinier, 2,750mm trim, 1,100m/min, 70 tpd, 18-42gsm, 

The characteristics of plant & machinery

  • Type of machine: combined, flat wire section + YD
  • Stock preparation system designed for virgin fibre only (100% CTMP)
  • Product: medium quality tissue paper
  • Maximum production of 70 TPD at (23 gsm)
  • Maximum speed of 1100 mpm
  • Basis weight range of 18 - 40 gsm
  • Paper width at reel: 2750 mm
  • New hydraulic head-box
  • Fourdrinier in painted carbon steel, in cantilever (change of wire in 4 hours)
  • (1) drilled press only (high bulk paper), max. load of 95 kN/m
  • Yankee Dryer in steel, Toscotec, 2500 mm diameter, 10 bar steam operating pressure
  • Pope reel currently working without reel spool loading system (that is available and under maintenance)
  • Completed of tissue combining line, (3) layers
  • Latest investments: installation of new hydraulic head-box in stainless steel, 3rd unwind station (tissue combining line), new YD 2500 mm/10 bar, wrapping machine
  • The supply includes the complete plant & machinery (stock preparation system, tissue machine, auxiliary systems, steam generation plant, effluent treatment, purification of process water, tissue combining line, wrapping machine, means of transport such as fork lifts and overhead traveling crane, laboratory, complete warehouse of spare parts)
  • Location: European community
  • Status of the machinery: completely assembled, still in operation and under regular maintenance
  • Sale through private negotiation between Buyer and Seller, SAXON is acting as Seller’s advisor
  • Visits welcomed prior to written consent of the Seller
  • Estimate of dismantling works: 12,000 working hours maximum (around 300,000 Euros if the service is provided by a local company)
  • No geographical restrictions for the sale